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Coronary Artery Disease Treatment in The Villages, FL

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Can Lead to Life-Threatening Problems

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Cardiac & Vascular Consultants offers premier cardiovascular expertise and treatment in The Villages, FL. Our team is equipped to provide the tests to diagnose a problem and treat it. CAD is a disease that affects millions of people across the U.S.

What Is CAD?

This disease begins long before heart failure symptoms occur. Over time, cholesterol and fats deposit plaque inside the arteries, which become narrower as these build up. The damage and inflammation decrease the amount of blood that can flow to the heart. It can take several decades for coronary heart disease to develop.

Health emergencies in The Villages, FL, can occur for a couple of reasons due to the condition. Arteries can completely close, causing a heart attack or heart failure. The plaque can also rupture, breaking apart and causing a blood clot to form on top of it. If this clot is large enough, it can completely block blood flow.

Signs of Diseased Arteries

One of the leading symptoms of CAD is chest pain, otherwise known as angina. It may present as a feeling of pressure or tightness, typically on left side or the middle of the chest, or as a sharp pain in the neck, arm, or back. The pain is often triggered by stress and may last only minutes, leading many to dismiss potential heart problems. Shortness of breath with exertion and fatigue are also signs of cardiovascular disease. Consult a cardiologist in The Villages, FL right away if this is the case.

Signs of a heart attack include crushing pressure or a squeezing feeling in the chest, shortness of breath, sweating, and shoulder, arm, back, or jaw pain. A heart attack means the flow of oxygen-rich blood to part of the heart muscle has been cut off. The heart can recover if the blood flow is quickly restored. Otherwise, parts of the muscle can die, leading to congestive heart failure or death.

CAD Causes and Risk Factors

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, insulin resistance, and smoking can lead to disease. Smoking is a factor, as is a sedentary lifestyle. However, these aren’t the only risk factors. If you live in The Villages or anywhere in Florida, your chances of having CAD increase with age and if there’s a family history of it. While men have a higher risk overall, the risk for women increases post-menopause. Excess weight and high stress are also risk factors.

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Disease of the coronary arteries and conditions such as ischemic heart disease are diagnosed by top cardiologists in The Villages through tests, such as an electrocardiogram, and monitoring. Treatments range from medications to surgical procedures to remove blockages, bypass arteries, and repair the heart.

Heart problems can be prevented by controlling conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, quitting smoking, and staying physically active. Controlling one’s weight and stress level, and sticking with a low-fat, low-salt diet can prevent and manage CAD as well.

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