Stress Test : An Introduction

An Introduction to Stress Test

A stress test is a way of measuring how well your heart functions under physical stress. The heart works harder and faster during exercise, which can reveal problems that might not be apparent when you’re resting.

The specialists here at Cardiac and Vascular Consultants use the most accurate diagnostic studies available to measure your heart’s health. We offer outstanding cardiac care to residents in Florida from our various locations. Here our expert Cardiologists explain about stress test in simple terms

What does Stress Test measure?

A cardiologist  may recommend a stress test to help diagnose cardiovascular disease or abnormal heart rhythms. The test helps determine how well your heart responds to treatments for a previously diagnosed heart condition. It also helps diagnose if your heart health is at risk due to certain medical conditions such as diabetes.

Depending on the results of a stress test, further treatment such as angioplasty to clear blocked arteries may be necessary. Stress tests are also requested as part of a comprehensive physical exam for high-stress occupations.

Types of Stress Tests

  1. Exercise Stress Test – This type of test involves walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike while the heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration are monitored. The test may be stopped if one develops any concerning symptoms, such as dizziness, chest pain, or irregular heart rhythms.
  2. Nuclear stress test – Int this process, A dye is injected before beginning the exercise portion of this stress test. This allows the cardiologists to capture digital images of how blood moves through your heart when at rest. A second IV injection, given after reaching your target heart rate, allows to capture images of how heart moves blood when under stress.
  3. Stress echocardiogram – During a stress echocardiogram, ultrasound waves are used to take pictures of your heart at rest and during exercise. This test may be done as an outpatient procedure or as part of your diagnostic course if you have been hospitalized for a suspected heart condition.

Taking Care of your Cardiovascular Health

If you have concerns regarding your heart health, schedule a consultation with one of our expert cardiologists. Our Specialists at Cardiac and Vascular Consultants in Florida can guide you more efficiently towards the path to better health.

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