CMH Performs Less Invasive Mitral Valve Repair

INVERNESS, FL (Sep. 24, 2020) – Citrus Memorial Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Center today performed its first Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair (TMVR) on a patient with mitral valve regurgitation and heart failure. The hospital is the first in the area to offer the procedure for patients who are considered too high risk for mitral valve surgery.

Mitral valve regurgitation is a condition in which the heart’s mitral valve does not close tightly, allowing blood to flow backward in the heart toward the lungs. If the mitral valve regurgitation is significant symptoms of heart failure can develop, which include shortness of breath, fatigue, swollen feet or ankles and palpitations. Treatment options for severe mitral valve regurgitation include minimally invasive heart surgery and transcatheter mitral valve repair.

“Our first case using the MitraClip device went quite well,” said interventional cardiologist Dr. Srivanas Attanti. “In just over one hour we were able to guide the device through a catheter into the heart. After deploying the clip and placing it into position in the mitral valve we were able to successfully reduce the leakage.”

The TMVR procedure is done in the hospital’s state-of-the-art hybrid cardiac catheterization lab with cardiovascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists. Unlike traditional heart surgery, TMVR is a closed-chest treatment that takes place while the heart is still beating and eliminates the need for a heart lung machine.

“At Citrus Memorial Hospital we provide an individualized approach to patient care in collaboration with the patient’s primary care physician and specialists,” said cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, Dr. Peter Yung Kim.

Hospital CEO Ginger Carroll credits the Heart and Vascular team, along with Drs. Attanti, Bao, Baydoun, Kannam and Kim for bringing the innovation to Citrus County. “There is a real need in our community for advanced heart care,” she said. “Our caregivers, including nurses, techs, and physicians have advocated for our patients to receive the best possible treatment for a variety of structural heart diseases.”

About Citrus Memorial Hospital’s Structural Heart Program
Leading the way in advanced cardiovascular treatments that are saving lives, Citrus Memorial’s structural heart program offers treatment options including Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) and Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair (TMVR), minimally invasive Aortic Valve Replacement (mini-AVR) and minimally invasive Mitral Valve Surgery.

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Celebrating more than a 60 year history of healing, Citrus Memorial Hospital is the leading provider of healthcare in Citrus County and the surrounding area. More than 150 physicians and 1,000 employees at the 204-bed acute care hospital offer a wide range of services including 24-hour emergency room care, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, orthopedic and spine surgery, and women’s services. Citrus Memorial is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and is fully licensed by the State of Florida.

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